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A-Z Of Special Needs:
For Every Teacher

by Ann Callander & Jacquie Buttriss

Item: 9781905538591

Format: softcover
Pages: 220

A-Z of Special Needs: For Every Teacher (2nd edition) provides a comprehensive reference of special educational needs information and conditions for anyone involved in working with children with learning difficulties or disabilities.


A-Z of Special Needs: For Every Teacher (2nd edition) has been completely updated to include substantial new additions in each section as well as full cross-referencing. A truly indispensable reference tool for every setting.

Summary of contents

From the writers of the best-selling A-Z of Special Needs, this exciting second edition is one of our best-selling resources, simply flying-off the shelves ever since its publication.

A-Z Special Needs: For Every Teacher (2nd Edition) is an invaluable, quick and comprehensive guide to SEN that includes:

  • a comprehensive glossary of definitions, terms and acronyms used by practitioners working with pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • a clear guide to the barriers to learning likely to be encountered by mainstream class teachers or tutors. Each condition or syndrome is given a general description, followed by a breakdown of its main characteristics and an extensive range of practical support strategies to suit pupils of all ages
  • a Who’s Who? with detailed descriptions of the roles of professionals working within multi-agency settings
  • proformas designed to support the work of the SENCO as well as the class teacher. These easy-to-use templates will help you to simplify the process of recording individuals needs and progress
  • an A-Z of the contact details of support groups for all barriers to learning listed
  • special needs resources in an A-Z of publishers and resources, software publishers and equipment suppliers
  • an A-Z of useful websites.

Chapter breakdown

  • Introduction
  • A-Z Jargonbuster
  • Glossary of SEN acronyms and terminology
  • Learning difficulties and disabilities
  • SEN conditions and syndromes (characteristics and support strategies)
  • Differentiation
  • Practical ways to match learning activities to needs
  • Developing learning skills
  • Learning skills and ways to strengthen them
  • Who’s who?
  • SEN professionals and what they do
  • SEN support groups
  • For SEN conditions and syndromes
  • A-Z resources
  • A-Z publishers of SEN books, software and other resources
  • Websites
  • SEN proformas
The A-Z of Special Needs for Every Teacher is an essential resource for all primary teachers, specialists and teacher trainees. Many teachers receive limited training regarding learning difficulties, but are expected to address the diverse needs of every child in their class. This book provides a clear and concise explanation of SEN conditions and syndromes, demonstrating how they may affect a child’s learning. It is full of practical suggestions and activities for support which also address different learning styles. The Primary National Strategy is considered throughout, allowing for easy integration with day to day planning and assessment. Challenges to learning are presented in an accessible way, with a wealth of activities and games suggested to engage and interest each learner. It encourages practitioners to develop quality of provision in a manageable way, giving examples of best practice and usable resources. The ‘A-Z’ motivates teachers and professionals working in this area to develop their understanding of the barriers children face. Ideas for use across the primary age range are provided, allowing teachers to cater for the different abilities within a class. Extensive reference is also made to commercial resources and websites are reviewed. Overall, the A-Z of Special Needs for Every Teacher remains an outstanding and vital resource for those working in schools and those involved in ITT.”
- Alison Silby, Lecturer

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