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Behaviour management toolkit:

A manual of good ideas and strategies for behaviour management in schools

By David Koutsoukis

Item: 9781920962166

Format: softcover
Pages: 190

A complete behaviour management plan for your school community!

This resource provides a complete behaviour management plan that can be implemented as a whole solution or to target specific issues.

The Behaviour management toolkit approach features practical checklists and outlines that can be used to fit the needs of your particular school or grade level.

  • Save yourself hours of time 're-inventing the wheel'
  • Suitable for all types of schools and age groups
  • Discrete sections and checklists enable you to retrieve information quickly

Each area of the book addresses a key aspect of the behaviour management process:

  • Create a positive environment
  • Reinforce strong values and social skills
  • Establish effective school relationships
  • Develop consistent discipline plan
  • Implement intervention plan as necessary
  • Assess effectiveness of programme

Get ideas on how to:

  • create a caring, safe and positive school environment
  • implement proactive preventive strategies
  • develop positive relationships
  • set clear guidelines of behaviour and appropriate consequences
  • develop effective procedures, roles and responsibilities for implementing a behaviour management plan
  • develop resources to support a behaviour management system
  • set up rescue and support servides for students and staff
  • review, reflect and plan for improvement

The perfect resource for those involved in education, at any level, in any area of responsibility.

Written by an experienced educator, and developed in schools, this programme is ideal for administrators charged with improving behaviour in their school or district.


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