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Dyscalculia and Mathematics-Related Anomalies

By Noel Chia Lok Hwee & Yang Chien Hui

Item: 9789810682255

Format: softcover
Pages: 40

This is No. 3 in a Series on Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools in Singapore


  • Conveniently sized to make it easier for teachers and allied educators to keep and refer to.
  • Features several classroom tips and strategies that teachers and allied educators can put into practice in real life.
  • Each title in this series contains activities for teachers and allied educators to test their understanding of the specific special educational need.
Other titles in this series, available separately are:
  1. Specific Language Impairment: Characteristics & Classroom Intervention
  2. Hyperlexia: A Severe Listening/Reading Comprehension Deficit
  3. Dyscalculia and Mathematics-Related Anomalies
  4. Dyslexia and Reading-Related Anomalies
  5. Dyspraxia and Other Developmental Motor Coordination Difficulties
  6. Dysgraphia and Written Output Difficulties
  7. Sensory Integration Difficulties
  8. Mental and Developmental Challenges
  9. Emotional Behavioural Disorders: Feelings, Emotions & Moods
  10. Disruptive Behavioural Disorders
  11. Visual Impairment: Characteristics & Adaptive Intervention
  12. Autism Spectrum Disorders: Characteristics & Intervention Strategies

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