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Dyslexia and Self-Concept
Seeking a Dyslexic Identity

By Robert Burden

Item: 9781861564832

Format: paperback
Pages: 200

This book addresses the important area of dyslexic children's perception of themselves and how this is shaped by people and processes within their early school careers.

It draws upon hitherto neglected psychological concepts such as self-efficacy, locus of control and learned helplessness to explain within a social-interactivist framework the powerful effect of self-perceptions on the social, emotional and academic development of dyslexics. Techniques for assessing these factors are described and research evidence is provided to demonstrate how a sense of dyslexic pride associated with positive academic outcomes can be achieved.

The book is aimed at teachers, teacher-trainers, parents and academics researching developmental aspects of dyslexia, but combines scholarship and research in a manner that makes it accessible to adult dyslexics also.

“… accessible and thought-provoking …”
- Dyslexia Review, May 2006

“… this book makes for an engaging and though-provoking read for anyone interested in the main topics.”
- Debate, June 2007

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