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Learning on Purpose:
A Self-Management Approach to Study Skills

by Bernard Juarez, Sandra Parks & Howard Black

Item: 9780894557538

Age Group: 7-12+
Activities: 172

Format: softcover
Pages: 320

Teaches children to overcome study challenges and become successful learners!

Description & Features

The Learning on Purpose step-by-step approach helps students take control of their own learning. Your child will learn to evaluate his/her learning strengths and goals, prioritise and maximise study time, identify and solve study problems, improve comprehension, and apply effective test-taking strategies.

The programme allows each student to work independently at his/her own pace. Step-by-step examples and lessons are filled with helpful concept maps, organisers, and diagrams that explain study terms, skills, and goals. Added features include assessment, inventory, and tracking charts as well as continual encouragement that helps students develop an “I can do it” study philosophy.

Sample Pages

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