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Less Student Stress, More School Success:
Strategies and Activities for Creating Optimal Learning Environments Grades K-12

by Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Item: 9781416404590

Format: paperback
Pages: 176

Stress has an enormous impact on the ability of children to learn. The body’s defense system is built for short-term physical stressors, not long-term psychological and emotional stress, which can lead to health problems, memory loss, and severe learning difficulties. Less Student Stress, More School Success includes dozens of activities and reproducible student “experience sheets” designed to help students understand what causes stress, identify sources of stress, and learn strategies for managing stress on a daily basis. Activities cover relaxation techniques; the roles of nutrition and exercise; success strategies such as goal setting, time management; and positive self-talk; and tips for dealing with anger, worry, and high-stakes testing. The teacher/counselor introduction covers relevant learning theory and brain science basics.

Less Student Stress, More School Success offers teachers and counselors concrete and useful strategies to help students get in touch with the effects of stress in their lives. More importantly, Palomares and Schilling help students learn what they can do about it. It’s a wonderful resource for the many teachers and counselors who are bringing contemplative educational practices into the classroom in engaging and constructivist ways.”
- Linda Lantieri, Author of Building Emotional Intelligence and Director of The Inner Resilience Program


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