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Strategies for Success:
Classroom Teaching Techniques for Students with Learning Differences

by Lynn J. Meltzer, Bethany N. Roditi, Joan L. Steinberg, Kathleen Rafter Biddle, Susan E. Taber, Kathleen Boyle Caron & Leta Kniffin

Item: 9781416400653

Format : softcover
Pages : 224

Strategies for Success provides realistic and accessible teaching techniques for teachers, special educators, and other professionals working with students at the late elementary, middle, and early high school levels. This book is particularly useful for teachers working in inclusive settings. These strategies can help teachers to understand the diverse learning profiles of their students and create classroom environments that encourage all students to succeed.

Strategy instruction accomplishes the following goals:

  • Students learn how to learn rather than only what to learn. Students learn strategies that they can generalise across different content areas and different tasks
  • Strategies help students begin to understand the process of learning
  • Strategies help students to bypass their areas of weakness and to perform at the level at which they are capable
  • Strategies promote flexible thinking and teach students the importance of shifting their approaches to different tasks
  • Strategies encourage independent learning
  • Strategy use helps students to become more efficient and more effective learners

Explicit strategy instruction benefits all students, but is essential for students with learning difficulties. Specific techniques for organising and planning work, and for memorising, prioritising, and self-checking are emphasised.

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