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Studying, Test Taking, and Getting Good Grades

by Susanna Palomares & Dianne Schilling

Item: 9781416402015

Ages : Grades 5 - 9

Format: softcover

Pages: 136

One of the most important things students can learn in school is how to learn. Studying, Test Taking and Getting Good Grades falls solidly within the “how to learn” category. Taken from a broad variety of disciplines, it goes beyond basic study skills to address motivation, personal responsibility, diet, exercise, the brain, and numerous other topics. This entirely reproducible student activity book is designed to:

  • build a base of understanding and skill development in the broad spectrum of learning, studying, and test-taking;
  • provide opportunities for students to apply this knowledge to their own lives; and
  • provide opportunities to practice and discuss new information and skills so students are better prepared to apply these techniques and skills in all subject areas.

This material’s flexibility is a great asset — it is useful for counselors and teachers to use in individual, group, or classroom formats and for parents and students to use on their own.

Table of Contents

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