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Teaching Perspective-Taking Skills:
to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Lynn Cohen Brennan

Item: 9781416404828

Target Group: PreK to Grade 12

Format: plasticoil binding
Pages: 216

Complete Kit Includes: Manual and CD-ROM with Reproducibles

Educators, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, school adjustment counsellors and parents can use the teaching guidelines in this manual to help children on the autism spectrum acquire the social perspective taking skills that are so vital to social competency.

Beginning with basic non-verbal communication skills such as eye contact and pointing skills, and using concrete, step-by-step instructions, the manual provides systematic teaching programmes designed to build progressively more complex social perspective-taking skills, including joint attention and pretend play skills.

Identifying and predicting emotions in themselves and others, making social inferences, understanding false and nested belief and avoiding faux pas are some of the featured skills.

Teaching scenarios, with corresponding illustrations designed to enhance comprehension, are provided as well as recommended activities for promoting the generalisation of acquired skills.

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