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The ABA Program Companion:
Organizing Quality Programs for Children with Autism and PDD

by J. Tyler Fovel

Item: 9780966526677

Format: softcover

Pages: 208

Comes with CD-ROM

This outstanding manual is geared towards helping the reader integrate important theories and concepts from ABA into powerful, practical and comprehensive educational programming, from assessment through programme methodology and evaluation of results. Topic summaries, key concepts, question lists and references are found throughout the manual, along with reproducible data forms in order to organise and expedite programme development. The book is designed specifically as a resource for special educators, parents, and programme coordinators in various stages of organising and implementing their ABA programmes. Through clear language, illustrations, tables and real-life examples, the topics covered include:

  • basic ABA concepts
  • teaching formats
  • the principles, merits and clinical applications of discrete trials
  • incidental teaching
  • teaching language and social skills
  • inclusion
  • curriculum planning and evaluation

among many others.

The included CD-ROM, titled The Consultants Companion, allows you to select, organise and manage curriculum goals for individual students. Based on the curriculum described in A Work In Progress, this software features over 500 goals in 54 areas, allowing users to easily choose goals, maintain updated programme lists and track mastered skills. Users can generate reports of present and mastered curriculum with the click of a button and create goal databases for any number of students. Easily learned and intuitive to use, this programme helps keep the educational team organised and on-track.

“This book integrates important theory and concepts from ABA into powerful, practical programming. It comes with a CD-ROM, titled ‘The Consultant’s Companion’, which helps organize and manage children’s individualized curriculum goals.”
- Center for Human Development, Beaumont Hospitals

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