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The Fear Of Maths:
How To Overcome It - Sum Hope3

by Steve Chinn

Item: 9780285640511

Format: soft cover
Pages: 158

Dyscalculia is a specific learning difficulty that affects how people deal with number and number-related tasks. It has a significant effect on a person’s self-esteem and self confidence, often causing them to give up on mathematics.

This book is an inspirational read for anyone experiencing difficulty with mathematics and for those working with and supporting them. The text is well structured and the ideas are set out simply, making it easily accessible for a wide range of readers. It is particularly encouraging in that it starts from a very basic level, ensuring that even the most profoundly dyscalculic person is not ‘put off’ by not having enough skills or knowledge to even start the book.

Teachers looking at this book will find that it provides a fascinating approach to helping pupils of all ages to work confidently with numbers. As you work through the book it provides a clear introduction to some quite difficult areas of mathematics, such as decimals, fractions and percentages, and introduces important everyday number skills. Any teacher who reads this book will change the way they approach and teach mathematics, particularly in the early years, and will have pupils who achieve far better and with a greater degree of confidence.

The case studies give an excellent insight into how people with dyscalculia approach mathematical tasks, and illustrate the importance of allowing them to learn in the style that is best suited to them. The first case study, Ann, shows the devastating and life-long effect dyscalculia can have a on a person’s confidence and the stress and anxiety it can cause. Some of the case studies make reference to other areas of the curriculum that can be affected by a difficulty with number-related tasks. A second book that addresses this aspect of dyscalculia would make an interesting read.

This book is excellent value for money; no teacher of mathematics should be without it. The only improvement I would suggest is that the inclusion of some colour illustrations would help make some of the points clearer.

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