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Strengths To the Max

by Russell Deal & Mat Jones


Format: cards

60 laminated full-colour cards, 21cm x 14.8cm
booklet, all in a polypropylene box

Exploring a Universe of Hidden Strengths!

We live in a galaxy of strengths. The strengths that surround us are like the stars in the night sky. They are beautiful and intriguing, but have many uses too.

Strengths to the Max identifies 60 possible strengths which are illustrated by three stellar intergalatic personalities: Max, Maxine and Maximillian (the Third!). Our intrepid adventurers will take you on a voyage to the outer reaches of the universe to explore the strengths you already have, those that you may not have tried before, and those you feel a little nervous landing on.

While this set includes many strengths that are self-evidently ‘good’, it also features a number that, at first glance, can seem more like deficits or character faults. Stubborn, feisty, dreamy, noisy or angry may seem to name traits or states to be avoided. Yet there are times when each of these may be of vital importance.

  • Which cards do you think best name and describe your strengths?
  • What would someone who knows you well say were your greatest strengths?
  • Has anyone ever criticised your strengths?
  • Do you have strengths that don’t get along? Which ones win? Which lose?
  • What strengths might help you in a particular situation?

Strengths to the Max offers the comfort of many familiar strengths. But it also offers a challenge: to look beyond the strengths that are readily visible and to find those that may be hidden, disguised or unnoticed — and to value those strengths that don’t conform to traditional or common understandings of what constitutes a strength.

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