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Abstract Categories

84 Laminated Photo Cards 2.5" x 3.5"

Item: A600
Price: S$36.50



Why do I need these?
You will be delighted how easily children grasp abstract concepts and abstract thought with these visuals. These 84 high quality laminated photo cards will teach children to easily master abstract information such as things that are noisy, things that fly, things that are tall and things you find at birthday parties. All cards have clear and simple explanations on the back. Each abstract category has 3 cards in a set example a clock, a telephone and a calculator are all things that have numbers. Very popular set that you will love.

What's in this pack?
Super quality, laminated photo cards for teaching abstract information. The back of the card describes the items clearly and simply. Some examples included in this pack things that are huge, things that are sticky, things that are sharp, things that are hot and many more. Three cards in every set. 84 cards.

Who benefits from this pack?
These cards are perfect if you are teaching a child with autism, pdd nos, speech and language delays or Aspergers. Suggested methods of use are included in the product.

"I'm a Special Education Teacher and I work with children who have autism. The Abstract Categories have been a life saver for me. My students really learned how to sort and understand abstract information. These cards are a great buy!"
Leslie, VA

"I am an Educational Assistant and I have an Asperger Son. I love all your material. I always recommend to the parent."
Regina, CA

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