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Understanding Emotions

- size 3"x 3.5"

Item: U100

Why do I need the emotion cards?
Teach your student emotional intelligence (EQ). IQ gets you through school but EQ gets you though life! This emotion set is one of a kind. A superb quality photograph on the front of each card teaches a child to label emotions. The back of each card teaches a child how these emotions feel and when they could occur.

What's in this pack?
This convenient ring set keeps the cards intact and is the perfect size to carry around. Cards can easily be removed from ring to provide multiple learning options. There are 30 emotion cards with a size of 3" x 3.5" each. Emotions in the set include happy, sad, angry, frustrated, excited and many more.

Who benefits from this pack?
These cards are perfect if you are teaching a child with autism, pdd nos, speech and language delays or Aspergers. Suggested methods of use are included in the product.


“I ordered Understanding Emotions and am blown away by the quality. The photos are crisp and clear. The emotions are depicted perfectly. The examples on the back help my kids in class understand what the emotion means. This set is brilliant. Thank you and keep more like this coming.”
- Emily, NC

“I love the Understanding Emotions set. The quality is exceptional and the descriptions and examples on the back completes the set. My son is finally starting to understand emotions and even label them when he is mad and happy. Thank you.”
- Melanie, GA

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