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5 W’s Game
A Laugh-Out-Loud Way to Teach Who, What, When, Where, Why

Level A
Item: 015963942342

Level B
Item: 015963937188

Interest Level Grade(s): 2+
Reading Level Grade(s): 1-5

“Read All About It!” Players read hilarious “newspaper articles” from the Bovine City Daily News, then answer who, what, when, where, & why questions designed to test comprehension. Students move around the colourful gameboard reading “newspaper articles,” answering 5 W’s questions, and collecting points as they go. This laugh-out-loud game is sure to be a favourite with reluctant and struggling readers as well as those performing on grade level.

2-6 players.

Game contents include gameboard, instruction/answer booklet, 75 question cards, 6 pawns, and 1 die.

Level A - Skill Introduction:

  • Introduction to basic 5 W’s concepts
  • 30-50 word reading passages
  • Reading Level Gr. 1-2
  • Interest Level Gr. 2 & Up

Level B - Skill Reinforcement:

  • Reinforcement of 5 W’s concepts
  • 50-75 word reading passages
  • Reading Level Gr. 3-5
  • Interest Level Gr. 3 & Up

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