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Giant Classroom Visual Communication Kit

Item: 1641

Kit comes with 20 x 100 x 100mm visual symbols printed onto foam board, storage folders and display stands.

Most children are visual learners and this set of 20 giant widgit visual symbols, 100 x 100 mm printed onto robust dense foam board, are perfect to help children understand what is happening next, to praise and to provide instruction. An excellent classroom resource.

Symbols comes in 2 x Storage Folders each with 5 storage boards along with hook and loop tape and 6 x plastic symbol stands.

These symbols are useful for children who have communication difficulties such as autism, dyslexia, ADHD, those in Early Years and those with English as Second Language. Often we use our voices too much, help children understand by responding to their own visual learning style.

Symbols include: Choosing; Computer; Literacy; Music; Numeracy; P.E.; Reading; Science; Story time; Assembly; Circle Time; Excellent; Home; Line Up; Lunch time; Play time; Quiet; Register; Well Done; Arts and Craft

“Excellent resource, our children respond to the visual symbols rather than our voices, we use these in class, group and individual work.”
- Paula, Teaching Assistant, Bedford

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