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Kit in a Bag - Emotions, Behaviour and Consequence

Item: TPDR1605

Practical kit to help engage children in their own behaviour and the consequences

Form discussion about emotions, feelings and consequences with the question fans then use consequence boards to work with the child to decide on fair consequences for positive and negative behaviour.

The kit includes over 50 visual symbols, 40 of which have questions that help children express themselves and explore what is going on with their behaviour.

The set of fans start by looking at what expressions mean and situations you may find those expressions being used. Each emotion asks the child to tell you when they would feel happy, sad, scared angry. Within this context you can explore how a child responds and reacts to different situations.The kit moves on, giving you the ability to involve children in their own decision making about what would be a fair consequence to both positive and negative behaviour.


  • 1 x Emotions, Behaviour and Consequence Kit in a Tin - A conversation starter kit supporting understanding of emotions, behaviour and consequence
  • 1 x Behaviour Symbol fan - Help children understand appropriate behaviour and know what to do next
  • 1 x Consequence Spinners - Work children to identify consequences and write them on the board
  • 3 x ‘I can do it’ blank fans - Create personalised management plans for individual children to be reminded about what they could do instead by writing or drawing targets on the blank petals

“I really like this resource. It’s fascinating to find out how children think and feel. I have to admit that I made some assumptions about why children behave the way they do without realising what is behind the behaviour. This kit has helped me to help children understand consequences both negative and positive.”
- Primary School Teacher,Yorkshire

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