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The MotivAider is an ingeniously simple device that was designed from scratch to enable people of all ages to stay focused and change their own behaviour and habits quickly, easily and privately.

The MotivAider

  • Helps you make virtually any desired behavioural change
  • Doesn’t rely on inspiration-based motivation strategies that inflate your hopes then leave you flat
  • Works with your mind to make your mind work better
  • Works in conjunction with an amazingly simple but effective behaviour change method
  • Automatically maintains your self-improvement motivation so you can hang in there until the job is done

Just imagine being able to use a simple personal behaviour modification tool to …

  • stop biting your fingernails
  • stop grinding your teeth
  • improve your posture
  • stay focused in class
  • reduce stress
  • improve your communication skills
  • get organised

Imagine Being in Control of Your Own Habits

The MotivAider represents an important breakthrough in self-improvement technology. It’s an amazingly easy-to-use tool that puts you in control of your own behaviour and habits. It allows you to stay focused and stay motivated so you can replace troublesome old behaviour and habits with constructive new behaviour and habits you choose. It makes certain that your attention will stay focused on achieving goals that would otherwise just get lost in the shuffle.

The MotivAider helps you change your behaviour and habits by enabling you to do something you can’t do very well on your own. It automatically keeps your mind focused on making the changes you want to make. It allows you to stay motivated, follow through and make use of the same knowledge, ability and motivation you normally waste.

The MotivAider is Easy to Use

The MotivAider looks like a pager and weighs less than 85g. You simply clip it on your belt or waistband or carry it in a pocket. It works privately and automatically to change your behaviour and habits. It works with your mind to make your mind work better.

The MotivAider communicates with you in a way that’s as private as a thought. It uses an adjustable silent, gentle pulsing vibration signal to capture your attention without disrupting your normal activities.

To use the MotivAider, here’s all you do:

  1. Choose a brief personal message — a word, phrase or image — that reminds and motivates you to change the behaviour you’ve decided to change.
  2. Connect your personal message to the MotivAider’s vibration so that whenever you feel the gentle vibration, you’ll automatically think your message.
  3. Set the MotivAider to send you private signals — and therefore your message — as often as necessary to keep you focused on the behaviour change you want to make so you’ll stay on track until you’ve achieved your goal.

The MotivAider does the rest.

By automatically sending a steady stream of private reminders flowing through your mind, the MotivAider keeps your attention riveted on your behaviour change goal. It guarantees that your mind will stay focused on changing your behaviour until the desired change becomes second nature.

The MotivAider Keeps Children Focused

It’s really no wonder children often have so much trouble changing their own behaviour. They may truly want to change troublesome habits that hamper learning and performance, threaten health, or interfere with socialization. But wanting to change is not enough. To actually change, a child must be able to keep his or her attention focused on what to do and why to do it. That’s not so easy for a young mind in a classroom - and a world - filled with distractions. The MotivAider keeps children focused on the changes they want to make in their own behaviour and habits. And it does it automatically and privately while relieving teachers and parents of the need to “nag.”

MotivAider Benefits

The MotivAider is easy for children to understand and use. It’s friendly and it makes sense to them. It helps children:

  • Break bad habits quickly
  • Easily build new habits
  • Practice new skills
  • Work on behaviour changes privately
  • Take pride in the positive behaviour changes they make

How the MotivAider works

The MotivAider works by periodically sending the child a private, silent tactile reminder - the entire device gently vibrates. The vibration is used to privately convey a personal message, such as “It pays to pay attention,” or “Slow and steady wins the race,” that reminds and urges the child to make a desired change in behaviour.

It takes only a few minutes to prepare a child to use the MotivAider. First, you help the child devise a personal message. Next, you link the message to the vibration so that the child will automatically think the message whenever he or she feels the vibration. Then, you set the MotivAider to deliver the vibration signal as often as desired - as often as once every few seconds. Once the child is behaving consistently in the new, desired way, you can simply phase out the MotivAider.

How the MotivAider helps children with ADD, ADHD and other attention problems

The MotivAider works in a remarkably safe and simple way to help children with ADD, ADHD and other attention problems constructively focus their attention and improve their behaviour and habits. It works by making sure that a child is always exposed to enough of the right reminders. By consistently and automatically re-directing a child’s wandering attention, the MotivAider enables children to effortlessly stay on track. A safe and gentle alternative or enhancement to other treatment methods, the user-friendly MotivAider paves the way for improvements in a child’s academic and social performance. The MotivAider can be used both in the classroom and at home to improve learning ability and reduce behaviour and socialization problems that result from poor control of attention regardless of the cause.

Teachers, therapists and parents use the MotivAider, too

The MotivAider is not just for kids. Teachers and therapists use the MotivAider themselves to stay tuned-in to a particular teaching or therapeutic objective or method. And parents use the device to help them do the right thing consistently despite the powerful emotions and reflexive responses that can be so easily triggered by their child’s behaviour.

The MotivAider may be simple. But it really works!

“I believe this tool to be invaluable in helping me break past certain self imposed obstacles to my personal growth and happiness. I also believe this tool to be a work of genius, not the least of which is the beautiful simplicity and the magnificent life changing power resulting from its use … The transformative power within this simple tool is quite possibly limitless.
- T. Gray

“We use [the MotivAider] to facilitate on-task behaviour, social interaction skills and overall independence skills. …Your device has helped kids I directly supervise from Hawaii to the Middle East.”
- Jason Garner, Senior Managing Supervisor Center for Autism and Related Disorders

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