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by Hilary Henshaw & Dr. Beverly Joffe


Format: 6 CDs, 3 manuals


Interactive musical fun to enhance Speech, Language, Literacy and Musical Skills in the early years. Ideal for use in Speech Pathology and Early Intervention programmes, Early Years settings, Early Primary and music classrooms and in the home.

This unique series was created by Hilary Henshaw, early childhood music specialist, professional singer and speaker and creator of the very popular “Growing With Music” series (7 CDs and books), in collaboration with Dr. Beverly Joffe, lecturer and leader in paediatric speech and language pathology at La Trobe University and honorary speech pathologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.


“The students … have responded well to the use of music to cue and assist their development in the areas of greetings, turn-taking, listening and attending and peer interaction. For some of the students we have targeted their concept development, with noted improvements in their awareness of and response to concepts such as go/stop, fast/slow and up/down. Other students have been encouraged to generate new ideas and develop their use of simple, grammatically correct sentences and questions, whilst others have consolidated their choice-making skills, through the choice and playing of a variety of musical instruments. It has also been very exciting to see the students gradually transferring these skills to other parts of their lives - being able to interact and communicate with their peers and adults in socially appropriate ways and utilising the universal language of music.”
- Philippa Hillman, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist Cassandra Liston, Registered Music Therapist

“I have used … “MusicaLanguage” with the children with whom I work both at the Irabena Childhood Autism Service and in my private practice. The material is very simple to use and the children absolutely love it. The songs and activities motivate and engage the children and many of them target specific areas of skill development. Recently a three year old child with autism handed the CD to me with the very clear message that he wanted to enjoy his favourite song… the first time he had ever initiated an activity. I couldn’t recommend this resource more highly to anyone working in speech pathology, early intervention or general early years settings.”
- Syrena Alford, Speech Pathologist, Vic.

“Catchy melodies, varied rhythms, interactive fun with ample repetition to encourage and practise new speech sounds and grammatical structures. Thank you!”
- Sharon Cowen, Speech Pathologist NSW


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