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No Fishing Allowed: Reel In Bullying

by Carol Gray and Judy Williams

Item: 9781932565430

Running Time: 1.5 hours

Finally, one programme teaches students and adults what they can do to prevent bullying!

No Fishing Allowed is a violence prevention programme that addresses various elements of bullying behaviours.
Carol Gray, author and creator of the groundbreaking The New Social Story Book, is a pioneer in social skills education.
Judy Williams’ extensive counseling experience complements Gray’s work.
Together they produce an all-inclusive programme. Through the use of the Teacher Manual, Student Workbook, and an instructional DVD for teachers (each item sold separately), this programme:

  • Emphasises empowerment strategies for all students who are affected by bully/target relationships
  • Provides teachers with information, ideas, and activities to address bullying attempts and other unfriendly social interactions
  • Addresses topics such as peer conflict versus bullying attempts, tattling versus reporting, word bullying, friendship bullying, gender-specific bullying, anti-bullying strategies for witnesses, and many more
  • Supplies an in-depth annotated bibliography consisting of numerous additional resources
  • Allows teachers to organise efforts toward establishing peaceful, friendly, and accepting learning environments for all students
In this DVD, authors Carol Gray and Judy Williams present the programme to a group of students. The authors’ presentations and the childrens’ reactions will show educators how the programme actually works. The DVD is intended for teaching teachers more than for teaching students, but teachers may decide to show different portions of the DVD to students as well.

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