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Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day

by Michelle Garcia Winner

Item: 9780971421325

Format: DVD

In Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day, Michelle presents a video workshop defining the ILAUGH framework, her six-point model of social thinking. The focus of this workshop is the fact that students with social thinking deficits express these deficits not only during social interaction but also in the classroom. They may have difficulty working as part of a group, interpreting and producing abstract language and organisational challenges. Strategies are presented for assisting these students across their home and school day. For K-12th grade.

The second DVD section of Social Thinking demonstrates Michelle working with younger and older children in group and individual lessons to facilitate social thinking and related skills. Key concepts will be illustrated through direct instruction. These include: the difference between working as part of a group versus working by yourself; thinking with your eyes, and developing knowledge of how social interaction can be supported through specific language comments and questions.

The information in “Social Thinking” connects solidly with the treatments discussed in Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME, Worksheets! and Think Social!. It also reviews the concepts Michelle introduces in Inside Out. This is a great tool to take back to teachers and parents to introduce them to Michelle’s social thinking concepts!

Content details: 2 hour instructional video (conference presentation good for school inservices) and 2 hours of Michelle working with students (elementary and high school, by group and by individual); people often use this DVD for trainings. 4 hours total.


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