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Storymovies DVD:

Social Concepts and Skills at School: Volume 1

by Carol Gray

Item: V115 (1 DVD)
Item: V116 (1 DVD & 1 CD) Professional Version; used by teachers

The Specialminds Foundation and the Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding have created the first of 25 Social Story Movies. Utilising a one-step-at-a-time strategy, many of the stories are designed to be implemented in a sequence. Thus, several stories often work together to describe a single movie using clear vocabulary and the patient and unassuming manner that are characteristic of this approach.

Parents and professional around the world have already experienced success using Carol Gray’s Social Stories with a wide variety of children and adolescents. Now parents and professionals can watch Social Stories acted out by real children, parents, and teachers. “Freeze-frames” show the text of the Social Stories which reinforces the concepts being taught.

The professional version contains both colour and black and white versions of all the Social Stories™ without the announcer or the text overlays. This allows the parent or professional to further work with the child on the concepts in the Social Stories, and enables additional flexibility. The professional version also has a CD with still photos from every scene in every story plus a description of games and activities associated with each group of stories.


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