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Strategies for Organization:
Preparing for Homework and the Real World

by Michelle Garcia Winner

Item: 9780971421370

Format: DVD with Booklet

This 3.5 hour DVD and handout booklet features the highlights of Michelle’s popular all day workshop on this same topic. The information on this DVD is applicable to ALL students from about 4th through 12th grade, not just those with learning disabilities.

Michelle takes the exploration of how to develop organisational systems for homework and the real world to a new depth.

The primary focus of this workshop is on laying out 10 steps of organisation our students need to engage in to build successful study systems. Spanning topics, such as developing motivational skills to understanding time estimation, Michelle attempts to shed new light on how to address a range of issues by providing clear teaching strategies.

This DVD workshop also introduces concepts to better understand what type of organisational problems our students have (static versus dynamic), while encouraging us to consider whether our own teaching approach is product or process oriented.

A handout booklet comes with every DVD, providing concrete examples of worksheets which can be used to teach more specific organisational concept.

This DVD is appropriate for parents, regular education teachers, special education teachers, SLP’s, OT’s, paraprofessionals, administrators and anyone else who helps all students to learn to cope in the real world.

The DVD was produced by Carol Gray’s The Gray Center. www.thegraycenter.org


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