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Talkabout DVD:
Social Communication Skills

by Alex Kelly

Item: 9780863885679

Format: DVD
Pages: 10

A valuable resource for anyone using the Talkabout series, this video brings social skills to life!

  • Contains acted scenarios for each skill being taught, modelling both appropriate and inappropriate social communication.
  • Uses a number of settings and people of different ages to ensure relevance to all groups.
  • Essential for situations where there is only one group facilitator and therefore role-play is difficult.

This DVD-resource is a must-have for anyone using the Talkabout series of books, teaching social skills or working with people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, learning disabilities or social communication difficulties.

This DVD pack includes a 48-page instruction booklet which explains each scenario and offers guidance on the use of the DVD.

Actors illustrating social skills:

  • Talkabout me and you
  • Talkabout communication
  • Talkabout body language
  • Talkabout the way we talk
  • Talkabout conversations
  • Talkabout assertiveness

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