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Write their ABCs

Handwriting DVD (Manuscript)

Item: 800828282196

This 1 hour, 3 track DVD earned the Toy Man’s coveted 5 Star Award of Excellence from the Childsafe International Corporation, and was selected by nationally noted child development authority Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D (“Dr. Toy”) as one of the 100 Best Children’s Products of 2007 and one of the 10 Best Audio-Video Products for 2007.

This nationally acclaimed DVD, currently used in select classrooms across the U.S. (including Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Texas and other states), helps children to write all upper and lowercase manuscript letters a-z on lined paper, teaches ways to remember the proper pencil grip, introduces the children to letters sounds and over 100+ sight words to develop early reading skills, and even provides easy-to-remember tips on how to avoid reversals of letters p, q, b, d, s and z!

Teachers and parents alike will appreciate the “Writing Basics” track which shows how to recognise and correct common writing mistakes. Children will enjoy learning how to write their letters with fun drawing breaks using letters to draw items frequently attempted by young children.

Usable on classroom computers, home TV’s or portable DVD players, this handwriting DVD enables each child to learn and practice at their own pace just about anywhere! (DVD player must have DVD video capabilities).

Write their ABCs DVD provides approximately 1 hour of handwriting support for home and/or school instruction. Designed for children with developmental ages of 4 - 7, the DVD is a perfect tool to use with students in pre-K through primary one, or in learning centres for additional handwriting support.

“This DVD was better than anticipated. My wife is a teacher & found it very useful for school & of course our kids...It’s broken down into 3 sections which fits perfectly for different levels of kids. The DVD has helped our 2 kids, 4 & 7. This is great for the 4yr old to learn how to write & the beginning steps (even goes over posture!) It has helped our 7 year old “fine tune” her letters & even write more legibly. In addition, we have passed it along to their school. Because of the format & excellent instructions & how it is easily laid out, it will be perfect for both their classes. We highly recommend this DVD as parents & as an educator.”
Scotti “The Grebe’s” (San Diego)

“I kept hearing from a fellow kindergarten teacher how her children loved to practice their handwriting. When I asked her which program she was using she told me she had started using your Steps4Kids DVD so I bought it for my class. I love it! While the class watches the DVD and practices, I go around and help those students who need a little extra help. It is like having another teacher in the class. Thank you!”
Kindergarten Teacher
(Encinitas Union School District, CA)


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