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British Spelling Test Series Second Edition

by Denis Vincent and Mike de la Mare

Suitable For: Teachers and literacy co-ordinators and SENCOs
Age Range: 6-13 years
Administration: Group or Individual
Timings: Approximately 30 minutes

A new edition of the widely used spelling test series that assesses pupils’ spelling ability using a mix of engaging questions and tasks.

The British Spelling Test Series 2 allows you to screen pupils and monitor their progress through use of alternate forms. It can also be used as part of a diagnostic collections of tests, in order to assess indiviuals with learning difficulties.

British Spelling Test Series 2:

  • Provides standard age scores, spelling ages and percentile ranks
  • Each of the five levels has two alternate forms, which allow year-on-year testing and retesting within a level
  • Offers guidance on dealing with different types of spelling difficulties<

Each BSTS2 Evaluation Pack contains:

  • Teacher Guide: contains full instructions for administering and scoring the tests, score conversion tables, guidance on interpreting results and follow-up to assessment and notes on the tests’ construction and development
  • Pupil Booklets
BSTS2 Evaluation Pack AB
Item: 9780708719190

BSTS A and B are equivalent tests for five- and six-year-olds and include:
  • Word spelling (supported by pictures)
  • Word identification (supported by pictures)
  • Short dictation
  • Single word spelling
  • Cloze dictation
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form A (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719237
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form B (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719244
BSTS2 Evaluation Pack CD
Item: 9780708719206

BSTS C and D are equivalent tests for seven- and eight-year-olds and include:
  • Word spelling (supported by pictures)
  • Passage dictations
  • Single word spelling
  • Cloze dictations
  • Word structure, creating opposites and plurals
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form C (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719251
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form D (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719268
BSTS2 Evaluation Pack EF
Item: 9780708719213

BSTS E and F are equivalent tests for nine- and ten-year-olds and include:
  • Word building
  • Single word spelling
  • Cloze dictation
  • Passage dictation
  • Word structure, creating plurals
  • Using embedded letter strings
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form E (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719275
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form F (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719282
BSTS2 Evaluation Pack GH
Item: 9780708719220

BSTS G and H are equivalent tests for eleven- to thirteen-year-olds and include:
  • Word building with prefixes and suffixes
  • Single word spelling
  • Word structure, creating opposites
  • Cloze dictation
  • Passage dictations
  • Proofreading
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form G (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719299
BSTS2 Pupil Booklets Form H (10-pack)
Item: 9780708719305

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