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Functional Assessment and Curriculum for Teaching Everyday Routines

by Joel R. Arick, Gary Nave, Tera Hoffman & David A. Krug

Item: 11385 - Elementary Kit : Program Manual + pack of 5 Elementary Student Booklets
Item: 11386 - Secondary Kit
: Program Manual + pack of 5 Secondary Student Booklets
Item: 12711 - FACTER Overview DVD (19 minutes)

The primary purpose of FACTER is to assess and teach students with moderate to severe developmental disabilities. FACTER addresses the ability to perform typical everyday "routines" while incorporating essential "related skills" for living. All people engage in a broad range of routines every day in their lives. For example, eating lunch, academic seatwork, socialising with friends, and going shopping are all naturally occurring daily routines. These routines can be task analysed into a number of core steps for assessment and instructional purposes. Routines are important because they provide specific purpose and enable us to become more independent in our lives.

Routines serve as the basic unit for assessment and instruction in FACTER. First, a knowledgeable teacher rates the student on how independently he or she would be able to perform a broad range of routines. Later the student is assessed on a small number of routines through performance assessments conducted in the natural environment. Finally, routine steps are identified that require instruction to enhance student independence on the routine.

During the performance assessment of each routine, FACTER also assesses students on specific related skills. For example, acknowledging people, making introductions, dealing with emotions, and specific fine and gross motor skills are all "related skills." These skills are important because they enhance a person's ability to engage in routines more effectively. They do not necessarily correspond to the specific steps of a routine, but they do improve student performance on those steps. Thus, they provide a higher level of independence to people who possess them. Routines and related skills are often identified from the student's IEP goals and objectives.

FACTER is useful for any student who needs to learn typical school, leisure, community, vocational, or career exploration routines. The curriculum has been specifically developed to address the needs of elementary and secondary age students.

FACTER consists of two components:

  1. a thorough student assessment across routines and related skills
  2. a student instruction element

which combines ongoing teaching and assessment on critical steps of selected routines. The assessment and instruction cycle is repeated continually to document student progress over time and to identify new areas for instruction. Thus, FACTER provides a continuous cycle of student information from assessment to IEP planning to instruction.

Sample pages:

Also available separately - FACTER Overview DVD

  • Video and graphics will help you get started quickly and easily using the FACTER program
  • Video provides examples of how to teach the functional routines
  • Animated views of the FACTER forms show how to track student baselines and progress
  • Running Time 19 minutes
  • Target Group PreK-12


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