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Jordan 3:
Jordan Left Right Reversal Test 3

by Brian T. Jordan

Item: 8564-5

Ages: 5 through 18

Test Kit Includes: Manual, 25 Record Forms, 25 Remedial Checklists, 25 Laterality Checklists.

The Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test - 3rd Edition helps clinicians identify students who have difficulty with reversals, and what types of reversals are problematic: objects, letters, numbers, words, or letter sequences. Reversals are a major stumbling block for students learning to read. The Jordan-3 may be beneficial to add to a battery of tests when assessing AD/HD.

The Jordan-3 now has two parts (children ages 5-8 take only Part 1) consisting of five subtests, in developmental sequence. The first and last subtests are new. Included in the Test Kit are a Laterality Checklist (an informal survey to determine preferential use of one side of the body) and a Remedial Checklist that provides suggested remediation activities.

  • Subtest 1-A (new) presents line drawings; the student indicates which are reversed
  • Subtest 1-B presents letters and numbers; the student identifies reversals
  • Subtest 2-A presents words; the student indicates which letters are reversed
  • Subtest 2-B shows 20 sentences; the student indicates reversed words (saw vs. was)
  • Subtest 2-C (new) presents two columns of letter sequences; the student compares them and identifies which letters in the second column are out of sequence

Administration and Scoring:

The Jordan-3 can be administered to individuals or small groups in 20-30 minutes. Two scores are derived: Correct Responses (reversals correctly identified) and Errors (nonreversed items that were incorrectly identified as reversals, plus reversals that were not identified). Both scores are converted to percentile ranks and interpreted using cutoff scores based on score frequencies in the normative sample. Age equivalents are also provided.

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