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5W's Fiction & Nonfiction Stories:
60 High-Interest “Newspaper Articles”

Item: 015963992019

Format: binder
Pages: 148

The 5W’s Fiction & Nonfiction Stories were designed to help students improve reading comprehension skills. By reading the short, humorous stories and answering the accompanying who, what, when, where, and why questions, students will learn to apply comprehension strategies so that they can understand and retain the information they read. To further reinforce reading and vocabulary comprehension each story also includes a cloze reading activity.

The Fiction stories in Tab 1 are a humorous twist on familiar childhood fairy tales. The stories use clever language to give the stories’ events a more contemporary feel. The Nonfiction stories in Tab 2 are based on real news stories about animals. The stories include factual information about animals to give the story an authentic newspaper feel. The accompanying illustrations draw students further into the stories and add another humorous element. Struggling and/or reluctant readers in third grade through high school will find the stories amusing and fun to read.

The Nonfiction stories in Tab 2 are followed by five additional questions. These questions require students to identify the main idea, expand vocabulary, and determine whether a statement is a fact or an opinion. The last question titled “Find Out More!” requires students to use an encyclopedia or other reference source to do additional research on the topic to build and present knowledge through investigation of different aspects of the topic.

A whiteboard-ready resource CD, an answer key, a list of reading levels and word counts for each story, a list of the Common Core State Standards this product meets are included with this 148-page binder.

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