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A Functional Assessment and Curriculum for Teaching Students with Disabilities – Volumes 1-4

by Michael Bender, Peter J. Valletutti, Carol Ann Baglin & Audrey Smith Hoffnung

Item: 9781416402206 - Vol. 1:

Item: 9781416402213 - Vol. 2:

Item: 9781416402220 - Vol. 3:
Item: 9781416402237 - Vol. 4:

Self-Care, Motor Skills, House Management, and Living Skills – 4th Ed.
Nonverbal Communication, Oral Communications, and Literacy Preparation – 4th Ed.
Functional Academics – 3rd Ed.
Interpersonal, Competitive Job-Finding, and Leisure-Time Skills – 2nd Ed.

  Target Group: Infancy through Young Adult

Format: softcover

Now substantially revised and available in four volumes, these books are intended as a guide for educators, special education teachers, school administrators, counsellors, and other professionals involved in rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities.

Newly added is the instrument Assessing and Monitoring Progress of Functional Skills (AMPFS), which helps teachers target skills for instruction and measure progress toward skill mastery.

Included are suggested activities that are divided into two major categories:

  1. Teacher Interventions
  2. Family Interventions
These two categories are then divided into four subcategories of distinct age/grade levels:
  1. Infant (Birth through 2 years) and Toddler/Preschool (3 to 5 years)
  2. Primary
  3. Intermediate
  4. Secondary
All units within each volume comprise specific goals, related references, suggested readings, and selected materials/resources.
Volume 1: Self-Care, Motor Skills, House Management, and Living Skills – Fourth Edition

Unit 1: Self-Care Skills
  • Toileting
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Dressing and Undressing
  • Personal Cleanliness and Grooming
Unit 2: Gross Motor Skills
  • Basic Gross Motor Skills
  • Function with Assistive Devices
  • Function in Diverse Settings
  • Recreation and Leisure
Unit 3: Fine Motor Skills
  • Initial Manipulative Skills
  • Dress and Undressing Using Fine Motor Skills
  • Leisure Activities
  • Vocational/Work Activities
Unit 4: Household Management and Living Skills
  • Planning and Preparing Meals
  • Purchasing and Maintaining Clothes
  • Caring for Living Quarters
  • Operating Simple Appliances
Volume 2: Nonverbal Communication, Oral Communications, and Literacy Preparation – Fourth Edition

Unit 1: Nonverbal Communication
  • Responding to Gestures
  • Using Gestures
  • Responding to Tone
  • Using Tone
  • Responding to Facial Expressions
  • Using Facial Expressions
  • Using Augmentative or Alternate Communication
Unit 2: Oral Communication
  • Progressing through the One-Word Stage (0-12 months)
  • Progressing through Stages 1-IV (0-12 months)
  • Acquiring Skills for Various Learning Situations
  • Acquiring Skills for Work Situations
  • Acquiring Skills for Leisure Pursuits
  • Acquiring Skills for Household Participation
  • Acquiring Skills to be a Friend and Family Member
  • Acquiring Skills to be a Community Member
  • Acquiring Skills to be a Consumer and Participant in Financial Transactions
  • Acquiring Skills to be a Traveller within the Community
Unit 3: Literacy Preparation
  • Acquiring Phonological and other Oral Language Skills that Facilitate Literacy
  • Acquiring Skills for Narrative Activities
  • Comprehending and Using Idioms
Volume 3: Functional Academics – Third Edition

Unit 1: Functional Reading
  • Developing Oral Language Skills
  • Identifying Personal Data
  • Identifying Time
  • Operating Tools Using Instructions
  • Responding to Written Information
  • Carrying Out Written Instructions
  • Locating and Utilising Information from Simple Charts, Diagrams, Maps, and Menus
  • Locating and Utilising Information from Directories, Schedules, and Bulletin Boards
  • Carrying Out Written Directions
  • Identifying Key Words on Simple Forms and Providing Information
  • Locating and Utilising Information on Bills, Timecards, Check stubs, and Receipts
  • Locating and Utilising Information on Classified Ads, Brochures, and Pamphlets
  • Acquiring Requested Information
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Seeking Assistance
Unit 2: Functional Writing
  • Acquiring Perceptual Motor Skills for Writing
  • Writing to Readily Communicate to Readers
  • Communicating to be Understood
  • Creating Narratives to Explain, Persuade, and Influence Others
Unit 3: Functional Mathematics
  • Acquiring Basic Arithmetic Skills for Functional Independence
  • Participating Independently in Monetary Transactions
  • Gaining Competency in Measuring Instruments and Utilising Units of Measurement
  • Acquiring Functional Skills for Time Management
  • Solving Mathematical Problems Needed for Independence
Volume 4: Interpersonal, Competitive Job-Finding, and Leisure-Time Skills – Second Edition

Unit 1: Interpersonal Skills
  • Functioning in Diverse Interpersonal and Social Situations
  • Functioning in Situations that Depend on Oral Communication Skills
  • Refraining from Disturbing, Distracting, and Destructive Behaviour
Unit 2: Competitive Job-Finding Skills
  • Acquiring Skills to Competitively Apply for Work
  • Acquiring Skills to Get Ready for Work
  • Acquiring Skills to Go to Work
  • Following Work Rules and Policies
  • Demonstrating Appropriate Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace
  • Understanding Compensation for Work and Developing a Bill Paying and Savings Plan
Unit 3: Leisure-Time Skills
  • Participating in Play Activities and Games of Leisure
  • Engaging in sports and Physical Fitness
  • Participating in Camping and Outdoor Activities
  • Studying Nature to Engage in Leisure Activities
  • Engaging in Hobbies
  • Engaging in Crafts
  • Engaging in Performing and Visual Arts
  • Seeking a Variety of Entertainment and Cultural Opportunities

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