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Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z:
Assessment, Diagnosis … & More!

by Barbara T. Doyle, M.S. & Emily Doyle Iland, B.A.

Item: 9781932565072

Format: softcover
Pages: 486

This extremely comprehensive book goes step-by-step through the symptoms, definitions, assessments, and diagnoses of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). The authors describe ASDs in terms of the parents, teachers, the school system, medical professionals, adult service providers, and private agencies involved. In addition to revealing what parents and professional can expect, this book also provides practical strategies to improve the assessment process and help the child or adult deal with the stress of the evaluations. Finally, they tackle the controversial issues surrounding the causes of ASD and available treatment options.
“What do you get when you combine experience, impeccable research and common sense into a new book for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), their parents, and professionals who work with them? Autism Spectrum Disorders from A to Z, by Barbara Doyle and Emily Iland. A product of passion, punctuated with case studies of real life experiences and presented in an easy-to-read format, this is a must have book for every parent and professional new to ASD — and for those that have been around the block a few hundred times!”
- Dennis Debbaudt, author of Autism, Advocates and Law Enforcement Professionals

“This is a masterpiece! Every parent and professional connected to a person with ASD will treasure the encyclopedic knowledge available in ASD from A to Z. Doyle and Iland have anticipated all the questions that might arise — from diagnosis through adulthood — in the life of a person with ASD. The information you need is presented with deep caring. It is as if a good and wise friend is there to guide you.”
- Nancy Margulies, Counseling Psychologist
Award-winning educational author of Mapping Inner Space and Map It!, Maps Mindscapes and More, Brian's Brain, and Magic Seven

“Now the information that only a few 'experts' had access to is available to everyone. The various therapies and assessments are meshed into a readable, comprehensive whole. Parents will love this book! Thank you, Emily and Barbara!”
- Rebeca Zavaleta, mother of a ten-year-old daughter with ASD

“Well-organised and very pertinent to families or children with autism and the professionals who work with them.”
- Sarita Freedman, PhD. in Psychology
Co-Director of the Child Development Institute, specialising in helping children with autism and their families

“We highly recommend this book! An educator with over thirty years experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders has teamed with her sister whose son has autism to write a practical handbook that offers hope for the parents of children with this disability and the professionals who support them. The book is filled with useful case studies, definitions of terms used by diagnosticians, and offers guidelines, suggestions, and resources for helping children with autism as they grow and develop, from childhood through adulthood.”
- Dee Dickinson, CEO, New Horizons for Learning


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