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Activity Schedules for Children with Autism:
Teaching Independent Behavior

by Lynn E. McClannahan & Patricia J. Krantz

Item: 9781606130032

Format: soft cover
Pages: 148

Like the bestselling first edition, this new edition of Activity Schedules will show thousands of parents and service providers how to use this teaching tool to help children and adults successfully engage in self-directed and purposeful activities.

Activity schedules are a set of pictures or words that cue a child to follow a sequence of steps. Based on ABA methods, learners are taught using a system of graduated guidance — physical prompts systematically faded as performance increases. Once the individual has mastered their use, he or she can independently follow a schedule to engage in activities at home, at school, and during leisure time. For example, activity schedules can cue an individual to prepare food with minimal assistance, interact with classmates, and complete a puzzle.

Based on over 20 years of research the authors have conducted at the Princeton Child Development Institute, the second edition discusses the latest research that points to positive outcomes from using activity schedules, including better self-management, decreased problem behaviours, and skill generalisation, among other findings. The new edition includes:

  • How to use activity schedules to organise all aspects of a person’s daily activities, and increase engagement, task completion, making appropriate choices, and sequencing activities
  • An expanded section on the use of activity schedules by adults, describing how they are used at home and in the workplace and via iPods and Blackberries
  • How to use activity schedules to promote social interaction and to teach children to point to and show objects to others in order to share a social experience

Detailed instructions and examples help parents prepare their child’s first schedule, then progress to more varied and sophisticated schedules, leading to greater independence.

“In this updated edition, McClannahan and Krantz share their 20-plus years of research in the use of picture schedules with children, teens, and adults with autism spectrum disorders. Essential for any family with an autistic child.”
- Library Journal (*starred review), July 2010

“There is no equal or substitute for Drs. Krantz and McClannahan's approach to helping parents or clinicians teach people with autism new skills and independence. When my son learned to use an activity schedule over 10 years ago, its use quickly generalised across all the areas of his life. As he approaches his teenaged years, it is still the most effective teaching tool that we use to help him triumph over autism’s challenges.”
- Lisa Courey, parent of a 12-year-old with autism

“This is a clearly described and well illustrated book that guides adults educating individuals with autism of all ages to use this evidence-based strategy effectively. There is sufficient detail addressing the challenges associated with autism (prompt dependence, lack of social interaction, difficulty with unstructured time), and to problem-solving issues that may arise when individualising activity schedules, to assure success. A must have for all educators.”
- Laura J. Hall, Professor Department of Special Education, San Diego State University

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