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Autism & PDD Intermediate Social Skills Lessons - Healthy Habits

by Pam Britton Reese & Nena C. Challenner

Item: 9780760604175

Ages 8 - 12 years

Format: softcover
Pages: 63

These one-page, picture-supported social scripts help preteens prepare for independent self-care and deal with their changing bodies in socially acceptable ways.

The book has 40 ready-to-use lessons (stories). Customise the lessons by adding student-specific information, editing the text, and using a photograph in place of the generic picture in the book. The concise format makes it easy to keep a copy of the lesson where the social behaviour occurs. Each sentence in the story is supported by one or more pictures.

There are instructional and behavioural lessons. The instructional lessons teach preteens what to say or do in social situations that are sometimes overwhelming. The behavioural lessons target specific social problems that need to be stopped. You choose the order in which to present the lessons. Then, document progress with the Record of Progress and tracking forms.

The lessons are organised by these topics:

  • Being Healthy — Cramming Food in My Mouth, Eating off the Floor, Scabs, Smoking, and more
  • Health Care — Getting Braces, The Hospital, Wearing Glasses, and more
  • Grooming — Washing Hair, Washing Hands, Using Deodorant, Brushing Teeth, and Wearing Socks
  • Puberty — Developing Breasts, Menstruation, My Changing Body, Acne, and more

Extra helps include:

  • picture index
  • behavior tracking forms and examples
  • behaviour analysis forms and examples
  • progress recording forms and examples
  • tracking forms for lessons
  • teaching suggestions

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