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Behavior Mapping
A Visual Strategy for Teaching Appropriate Behavior to Individuals With Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders

By Amy Buie

Item: 9781937473822

Format: softcover
Pages: 48

Grounded in evidence-based practice, Amy Buie’s Behavior Mapping is a groundbreaking way of motivating children to make good choices and learn new skills. Better yet, due to its visual nature, this simple-to-implement strategy is effective for a range of students, regardless of age and ability level. Supported by examples and real-life vignettes, four major categories of maps are presented –

  1. Consequence Maps
  2. Complex Behavior Maps
  3. Language Maps, and
  4. Problem-Solving Maps

– covering major classroom challenges. For ease of use, owners of the book may download Behavior Map templates from the publisher’s website.


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