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Creative Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence

by Sue Jennings

Item: 9781906531485

Ages: 5 - 16

Format: soft cover
Pages: 206

Arts & drama activities to help young people understand & express their emotions.

Many children and young people struggle with an inability to express and manage their emotions, resulting in frustration and isolation.

Some can only express extremes of emotion and lack the ability to self-regulate, while others seem overwhelmed by emotions they are unable to understand or process.

Full of creative activities and worksheets using art, journaling, drama, puppetry and storytelling to help young people to explore their emotions and learn new ways to manage and express them. Subjects covered include: Language of emotion; Self-esteem; Empathy; Anger; Fear & Anxiety.

The activities are flexible and require no previous experience, so are easy to implement with little preparation or equipment.

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