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DEAL: Daily Experiences and Activities for Living

By Edward P. Doyle & Joyce K. Beam

Item: 7130

Target group: Grades 7 through 12 (readability level of 3.0-5.0)
Format: softcover

This high-interest, low-level instructional programme helps students develop practical, real-life skills. Activities in this six-workbook programme teach students how to become self-sufficient in solving everyday problems. Information presented is broad in scope and basic to students’ needs, and it assumes no prior knowledge.

The skills covered by the programme include the following:

  • Information Sources — Library, telephone directories, newspaper, TV, and radio.
  • Consumer Buying — Coupons, buying a car, refunds, credit applications.
  • Housing — Moving, leases, renting versus owning, classified ads, utilities.
  • Working — Looking for work, work permits, job applications, interviews.
  • Nutrition and Health — Planning menus, dieting, first aid.
  • Transportation — Schedules, maps, road signs, public transportation.

COMPLETE PROGRAMME: All six workbooks and a Corresponding Teacher’s Guides


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