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Social and Communication Intervention for Children with Autism

By Kathleen Ann Quill


Format: soft cover
Pages: 448

Children with autism pose a perplexing and inconsistent puzzle when it comes to their social skills and communication development. You need research-based techniques that will enable you to support the acquisition of these vital skills. In this guide, you’ll get this and more as you

  • apply the new state-of-the-art assessment tool to guide your curriculum for individual students
  • discover a range of proven strategies that combine the best of behavioral and developmental intervention practices
  • find hundreds of suggested activities to build social play, group skills, and communication in fun and creative ways
  • chart your interventions with the easy-to-use data collection forms and guidelines

This comprehensive intervention guide and accompanying activities are easily adapted to develop a curriculum for both children who are verbal and those who use augmentative and alternative communication, and it can be implemented at home or in the classroom. Excellent for educators and speech language pathologists, this practical, user-friendly resource gives you the methods you need to build social and communication skills in children with autism.


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