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Empower ADHD Kids!:

Practical Strategies to Assist ADHD Children in Developing Learning and Social Competencies

by Becky White

Item: 9781933052069

Ages: Gr. K - 5

Format: softcover
Pages: 64

Help children with ADHD in grades K-6 be their best using Empower ADHD Kids! This 64-page book provides step-by-step plans that help teachers and parents teach practical strategies for mastering learning and social competencies to children with ADHD. The activities provide a strong working knowledge of the characteristics of ADHD. The book includes goal-setting techniques, strategies to help children focus, problem-solving strategies, and ideas to help children with ADHD realise their strengths.


“This book is a Godsend! If you must live with or teach an ADHD child and don’t have time to read a dozen books on the subject, Empower ADHD Kids! is for you. Author Becky White has done the research for you. Key facts from the experts, written in terms even youngsters can understand, head each of the more than fifty activity pages. Discussion questions and an empowering activity follow each fact. Empowering messages for adults and children are also included. Did you know that children with ADHD often have above average IQs and many have extremely high IQs? History records that many geniuses demonstrated ADHD characteristics. It was news to me! It may be over-due news for your special ADHD kid, too. Other postive aspects of ADHD are explored in the book. Buy it. Use it!”
- Karen L. Grencik, Shell Beach, CA

“To Become The Best That They Can Be. Youngsters confronted with the problem of ADHD may have difficulty discerning why some people regard them as “different.” Empower ADHD Kids! will be a valuable asset to their understanding. Teachers and parents will find it extremely useful as they work with them to help them develop practical approaches to managing their ADHD. The lessons are geared toward specific goals and are written in easily understood concepts. The exercises are complete with easy-to-follow instructions. This book serves as an effective guide to everyone endeavouring to encourage these children to become the best that they can be.”
- Ann L. Schafer

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