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Esteem Builders:

A K-8 Self Esteem Curriculum for Improving Student Achievement, Behavior and School Climate
(Esteem Builders’ Program — Teacher/Counselor Guide)

by Dr. Michele Borba

Item: 11796

Target Group: Grades K-8

Format: softcover
Pages: 460

This highly acclaimed, award-winning programme is now being used with over one million students worldwide. Extensive, complete, and easy-to-implement, its skill building approach to developing the five essential building blocks of self-esteem is thoroughly researched and proven effective. The impressive pilot programme results reported a 46% drop in detention, a 39% drop in verbal aggression, and a 41% drop in physical aggression.

Through development of the five building blocks of self-esteem, students become self-empowered and capable of internally directing themselves. Real team-building is in evidence among adults and students alike. Students display stronger inner motivation and a “take charge” attitude. Personal and social responsibilities go way up. Staff morale and collegiality are significantly improved. Parent involvement and partnership increase, discipline problems decrease significantly, and everyone works together! Each Esteem Builder book stands alone and is designed to integrate into a total systems approach for a school-wide/district-wide programme.

Esteem Builders’ Teacher/Counselor Guide

  • Interdisciplinary activities
  • Journal topics for language arts
  • Literature listings
  • Concept Circle cooperative activities
  • School-wide activities
  • Monthly theme program
  • Staff and student assessment tools and more…
  • illustrated
  • reproducible

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