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by Marilyn M. Toomey

Item: 9780923573201

Age Group: Grades 3 and up

Format: softcover
Pages: 107

Empower your students to face the challenge of presenting spoken or written explanations with more confidence!

Explaining is a challenge even for an experienced speaker. A person must know subject matter thoroughly himself. He must be able to put appropriate vocabulary into sentences and say the sentences in correct order. This is important in helping a listener understand. Besides vocabulary, sentence formation and sequencing one must be able to format different kinds of explanations.

That’s where this book will help you. You’ll find pictures and guidelines for building explanations. You’ll also find helpful vocabulary and activities that will encourage students to construct a variety of explanations. Students will feel more confident owning these techniques for Explaining!

Help students learn how to:
  • Explain everyday procedures
  • Give direction
  • Explain games and sports
  • Explain why things work using scientific principles
And more!
  • Explain how a complex device works
  • Explain by comparison
  • Explain by trial and error

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