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Hands On Dyspraxia:
Developmental Coordination Disorder - Supporting Young People With Motor And Sensory Challenges

by Jill Christmas & Rosaline Van de Weyer

Item: 9781138600973

Format: spiral bound
Pages: 182

This updated new edition is a practical guidebook for parents, teachers and other professionals supporting children with sensory and motor learning difficulties. It offers an understanding of developmental coordination disorder (DCD), and the impact that this can have in both home and school settings. Each chapter offers practical ‘hands-on’ strategies, activities and ideas for managing the effects of the condition as well as providing a sound medical and physiological understanding of the condition to facilitate access to education and everyday living.

Each chapter contains:

  • A clear explanation of potential challenges that people with DCD and coexisting conditions face, with an introductory definition, along with reference to current terminology
  • Exploration of the implications of these challenges on home life, educational and social environments
  • Practical strategies and ideas to help the child or young person reach their full potential

Written by occupational therapists with extensive experience of DCD/dyspraxia and possible associated conditions, this book is structured in an accessible way, suitable for: parents, carers, teachers or health professionals seeking guidance for the young people they support. This is a must read for anybody looking to support children and young people with this often misunderstood condition.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD): an overview
Chapter 2: Other conditions that can coexist with DCD/Dyspraxia
Chapter 3: Sensory integration
Chapter 4: Eye and hand skills
Chapter 5: Visual perception
Chapter 6: Bilateral integration sequencing (BIS): Organising and working both sides of the body together
Chapter 7: Primitive or baby reflexes
Chapter 8: Daily living (self-care) skills
Chapter 9: Additional exercises, activities and therapy
Resources Professional Organisations Recommended Reading and References


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