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Helping Children Locked in Rage or Hate:
A Guidebook

by Margot Sunderland & Nicky Armstrong

Item: 9780863884658

Format: spiral bound
Pages: 192

The guidebooks in the Helping Children with Feelings series:

  • Include what children themselves have said about what it is like for them; how they have coped with the feeling in ways which cause harm to self or others, and the consequences of that, and how they could have coped well.
  • Provide exercises, tasks and ideas for things to say and do to help children. The exercises and ideas are specifically designed to help a child think about, express and process the feeling to the point of resolution. Many of the exercises offered will support children in finding creative, imaginative and playful ways to communicate their feelings.
  • Enable child professionals to recognise the unresolved feelings behind the behaviour and to respond correctly to help the child work though that feeling to the point of resolution.

This guidebook will help children who:

  • hurt, hit, bite, smash, kick, shout, scream or who are out of control
  • hyperaroused or hyperactive
  • can only discharge their angry feelings in verbal or physical attacks, rather than being able to think about and reflect on what they feel
  • are angry because it is easier than feeling hurt or sad
  • are locked in anger or rage because of sibling rivalry
  • are controlling and punitive
  • regularly defy authority or are diagnosed with a conduct disorder
  • commit cold acts of cruelty
  • hurt animals or do not cry anymore
  • spoil, damage or destroy what others do or make
  • create fear in others because they have locked away their own fears
  • do not want to please people
  • cannot trust
  • have stopped looking for love or approval or truly believe they do not need anyone
  • do not really know how to ‘like’ someone, and definitely do not know how to love someone or are affectionate only if they want something

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