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How to use ColorCards in the Classroom

by Jackie Cooke & Vanessa Harrison

Item: 9780863881886

Format: Spiral bound
Pages: 104

Ideal for use in the clinic as well as nursery and primary education, this handy and highly practical book supports everyone working with the communication needs of young children. It features more than 90 ways of using Colorcards – and the idea can be transferred to any other flashcard system. Includes a valuable appendix showing how each task fits into the different areas of the national curriculum.

  • Activities will help develop observational skills and visual attention for pre-reading and pre-writing work.
  • Suggests activities for listening and ateention appropriate to children in the early years Includes activities for vocabulary expression and comprehension.
  • A handy resource to use with ancilliaries.
  • Shows how the cards can be used for such activities as writing, group discussion and other curriculum ideas.

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