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Inclusion of Students with Autism:
Using ABA-Based Support in General Education

by Joel Hundert

Item: 9781416403906

Format: paperback
Pages: 320

The book addresses how to apply interventions based on principles of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to assist children with autism in general education settings. Covers assessment and planning for inclusion, principles of instruction, facilitating communication, promoting peer interaction, and collaboration with families. Contains reproducible data collection forms.


  1. Introduction to Students With Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Supported Inclusion
  2. Assessment and Supported Inclusion
    Appendix 2A: Data Collection Forms for Assessing Readiness for Inclusion
  3. Planning For and Accommodating a Student With Autism
    Appendix 3A: Five Recommended Commercially Available Curriculum Programs
  4. Principles of Instruction
  5. Facilitating the Communication of a Child With Autism in a General Education Setting
  6. Promoting Peer Interaction in General Education Classrooms
    Appendix 6A: Social Script for the Ball and Pipe Game
  7. Following School Routines Independently
  8. Teaching Thinking Skills
  9. Preventing and Dealing With Problem Behaviors
    Appendix 9A: Data Collection Forms for Assessing Problem Behaviors
  10. Working Collaboratively With Families
    Appendix 10A: A Person-Centered Approach to Supported Inclusion
  11. Preparing Staff for ABA-Based Supported Inclusion
    Appendix 11A: Adaptive Classwide Plan
    About the Author


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