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Introducing Inference

by Marilyn M. Toomey
Illustrated by: Will Harney

Item: 9780923573409

Age Group: Ages 6 to 10 years

Format: spiral bound
Pages: 113

Inference is important in everyday life as well as in academic tasks. Our language students often have difficulty drawing inference and have even more difficulty explaining their reasoning.

This book aims to demystify inference and encourages your students to talk through their reasoning. Students learn how to use inferential reasoning by using four sensible steps:

1. Recognise information that’s given.
2. Identify missing information — usually found in one’s own store of knowledge or experience.
3. Combine information from BOTH sources.
4. Tell how they figured it out!

Students are encouraged to use this method of inference throughout the book …
… from very simple activities where missing parts of objects or animals are identified …
… to picture sequences where one of the pictures is missing …
… to pictured events with questions to guide them to figure out what probably happened …
… to tasks where students must answer questions identifying specific types of missing information …
… all the way to recognising probable vs. improbable reasons for outcomes.
Use the activities in this book to build your students’ skills and grow their confidence in their ability to use inference to figure things out!

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