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Ladders to Literacy:

A Preschool Activity Book

by Angela Notari-Syverson, Rollanda E. O’Connor & Patricia F. Vadasy

Item: 9781557669131

Format: spiral-bound
Pages: 520

With this updated and enhanced second edition, the popular Preschool Activity Book is better than ever. Early childhood educators will get practical new content such as

  • well-defined links between the activities and Head Start Recommended Outcomes, so teachers can be sure they’re giving children the best start in literacy
  • a scope-and-sequence chart that helps educators choose which activities to do each month
  • 11 creative new activities
  • fresh Tips for Teachers that reflect up-to-date practices

Everything teachers loved about the first edition is still here — field-tested games, crafts, role plays, and other activities that improve children’s basic preliteracy skills such as writing words, recognising letter sounds, and breaking words into syllables and phonemes.

And with the developmentally appropriate, ecologically valid assessment procedures in the book — including informal observation guidelines, structured performance samples, and an extensive literacy checklist — it’s easy to evaluate children’s skills and ensure that they’re making progress.


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