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Life Skills Lessons Series

  • Consumer Words
  • Work Place Words
  • Money Management Words
  • Independent Living Words
  • Personal Care Words
  • Occupation Words

Item: REM930A

Interest Level : Grades 4 - 12
Reading Level : Grades 4 - 5

Also available separately

6-Book Set

The structured lessons in these books offer activities to build skills necessary for survival in daily life and in the work place. Lessons emphasise vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, handwriting skills, sentence and paragraph writing, and more.

Help your students develop important survival skills while improving their reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary!

Thess practical books are filled with easy-to-use activities that focus on essential vocabulary and real-life situations to help students become more confident and independent. Key words are introduced, then reinforced through step-by-step exercises emphasising word pronunciation, definitions, spelling, handwriting, problem solving, and more! A terrific way to help your students acquire vital life skills!

Life Skills Lessons:
Consumer Words
Item: 015617519364

Life Skills Lessons:
Work Place Words
Item: 015617519449

Life Skills Lessons:
Money Management Words
Item: 015617519524

Life Skills Lessons:
Independent Living Words
Item: 015617527703

Life Skills Lessons:
Personal Care Words
Item: 015617528434

Life Skills Lessons:
Occupation Words
Item: 015617529912

“I am simply delighted with this book! I am a Special Educator; my students have an intellectual disability. For so long, I have been searching for materials comprising of consumer word problems appropriate for them.”
- Janet Ramsay

“This is an awesome resource that provides reading and language arts activities to real-world situations. The students have a high interest in the lessons because they have prior knowledge to the material. It also is a great way to expose students to material that is often overlooked in the everyday curriculum.”
- Kimberly Rowland


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