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Language for Thinking:
A structured approach for young children

by Stephen Parsons & Anna Branagan

Item: 9780863885754

Format: Spiral bound
Pages: 204

While most children develop verbal reasoning skills with relative ease, others find it more challenging. Verbal reasoning is particularly difficult for children who are recognised as having delayed language skills, specific language impairment, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (including Asperger’s Syndrome), pragmatic language impairment or moderate learning difficulties. Children with less obvious oral language difficulties may begin to struggle when they start to read.

This comprehensive photocopiable resource provides a clear structure to assist teachers, SENCOs, learning support assistants and speech language therapists in developing children’s language from the concrete to the abstract. It is based on fifty picture and verbal scenarios that can be used flexibly with a wide range of ages and abilities.

  • Quick, practical and easy to use in the classroom, this programme can be used with individual children, in small groups or can form the basis of a literacy lesson or speech & language therapy session.
  • Question sheets are carefully structured to promote children’s development of inference, verbal reasoning and thinking skills.
  • The three parallel assessments of spoken and written language can be used to assess each child’s starting level and then to monitor progress; score forms and worksheets for each lesson are included.

Introduction; How to use this resource; Assessment pictures & record sheets; Assessment texts; Scenarios; Scenario texts; Tracker sheets; Worksheets; Question symbols; Frequently asked questions; Assessment sample answers; Assessment & scoring guides; Bibliography

“Teachers will find this book very useful. It provides practical ideas that they can use in the classroom to develop children’s speaking and listening skills in a structured way.” Carolyn Maples, Headteacher

“I can’t wait to start using this ... will also heartily recommend it to colleagues ... another most excellent and useful addition.” NAPLIC

“This programme is very clearly laid out and easy to understand and score. It’s excellent as a classroom based assessment.” Independent Talking Points

“This resource is useful and relevant in clinics and schools ... value for money ... versatile and practical.” Speech and Language Therapy in Practice

“clearly laid out, easy-to-use book...programme is well designed ... a welcome addition to the repertoire of resources for use with this client group.” Bulletin

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