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Managing Challenging Children

by Gerard Gordon

Item: 9781864003024

Ages: Grades K to 8

Format: softcover
Pages: 104

Positive strategies to help those who work with children!

This book will challenge your assumptions about managing challenging behaviour in the classroom. It begins by emphasising, for each teacher, the importance of personal empowerment and positive beliefs, and then outlines a programme using specific strategies that:

  • Present new ideas for maintaining control in the classroom
  • Offer the “Big Toe First” approach to slowly modify behaviour
  • Provide a unique approach to building trust and rapport with children
  • Stress the importance of a rewards system

This is an ideal resource for new or veteran teachers, guidance counsellors, and administrators who need a fresh approach to behaviour management.



Chapter 1 - The Effect of belief Systems in the Classroom
Chapter 2 - Focus — The Power of Perception
Chapter 3 - empowering Assumptions About Behaviour
Chapter 4 - The Illusion of Control
Chapter 5 - The ‘Big Toe First’ Technique
Chapter 6 - Choide-driven Teaching
Chapter 7 - Emotional Gardening
Chapter 8 - Punishment
Chapter 9 - Rewards
Chapter 10 - Putting it into Practise
Chapter 11 - Conclusion
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“After reading a draft of Gerard’s book I have no hesitation in recommending that it be on every bookshelf.”
- Bob Roberts, PhD Faculty of Education, University of Oregon

“This is required reading for every teacher.”
- John Truman, Head Teacher, Chetwynd Junior School

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