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Megawords Book 1
Megawords 2nd Edition:
Direct instruction for decoding, spelling, and understanding multisyllabic words Grades 4–12

by Kristin Johnson & Polly Bayrd

Megawords teaches the reading, spelling, and contextual use of multisyllabic words through multisensory instruction and a systematic progression of skills. Within each book, words are presented in lists arranged by word structure and spelling pattern. Because Megawords is skill based, it can be used in a variety of settings and across all RTI tiers depending on student need and grade level.

Program Features:

  • Teaches word study through phonic and structural regularities
  • Is multisensory and employs a consistent lesson format
  • Analyses words at the syllable and word level before presenting words in context
  • Incorporates systematic progress monitoring
  • Adapts easily to the needs of the RTI classroom
  • Encourages student involvement
  • May be used by paraprofessionals and content-area teachers

Student Books

Each student book focuses on a specific group of advanced phonics or word study skills, enabling students to concentrate on areas requiring the most attention. For each word list, multisensory exercises require students to read, say, and write word parts and words. Students first work with word parts and syllables, then combine syllables into whole words. They use words in context, participate in exercises to increase reading and spelling proficiency, and read list words in short, content-area passages. Because they are all skill based, the books do not need to be used in order. A separate placement test pinpoints the books and word lists students will need to focus on.

Skills addressed:
  • 6 types of syllables
  • 5 syllabication rules
  • Prefixes
  • Suffixes
  • Schwa sound
  • Vowel variations
  • Consonant variations
  • Unaccented vowels
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Affixes and roots
  • r-controlled vowels
  • Digraphs
  • Accent patterns
  • Assimilated prefixes
  • Parts of speech
New Second Edition Features in Student Books:
  • One-syllable warm up pages preparing students for words encountered within the lesson
  • Content-area reading passages for each lesson to build comprehension and fluency
  • Mid-book review list and review activities
  • Redesigned pages highlighting instructional concepts

Teacher’s Guides

Guides provide direct, point-of-use instruction according to the Megawords six-step instructional plan. Clearly labeled steps, sub-skills, objectives, and page references help teachers quickly find what they need for each lesson. Light scripting makes instruction more accessible to various educators. Teacher’s Guides also include:
  • Suggestions for differentiating instruction
  • Assessment tips for progress monitoring
  • Reproducible assessment and recording forms
  • Answer key
New Second Edition Features in Teacher’s Guides:
  • Point-of-use, direct instruction for every lesson
  • Lightly scripted instruction to assist all educators
  • Comprehensive redesign for ease of use
  • Suggestions for differentiating instruction for all abilities
  • Reproducible recording forms for reading passages and skill checks

Assessment of Decoding and Encoding Skills

A diagnostic assessment helps teachers place students in the appropriate Megawords book and analyse errors for an accurate picture of skill strengths and weaknesses.

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